“Ultimately Elfin: The Spirit of Speed is about life. It’s about birth and death, growth and decay. It’s about all the things that make life worth living, and all the hellish things too”

John Bowe

“Elfin: The Spirit of Speed is not a public relations exercise. It is not a fan piece. This book is the true story behind an incredible endeavour. This is the story of Elfin. Impressive and beautifully crafted book. Huge congratulations.

Vern Schuppan

“The Elfin brand has now been celebrated between the covers of the most lavishly produced Australian motoring book this writer has ever seen…combining extraordinary detail, fascinating reminiscences and great yarns…this book provides a fitting tribute to all that Garrie Cooper and his successors achieved.” 

Tony Davis (Australian Financial Review) 


“I have now started taking a small dram at night and reading a bit from the book as it certainly is very high quality and comprehensive. Probably the best history of one make I have ever seen.” 

Vernon Williamson (Scotland) 


“Have now looked at every page and am hugely impressed. Well written and very well illustrated, it does the subject full justice. The immensity of Garrie Cooper’s achievements comes thru loud and clear.” 

Pedr Davis  


“Received the BOOK today….I’ve bought a new forklift to move it about!! Congratulations. What an achievement. This is what the ELFIN marque, Garrie and his band of tireless artisans richly deserve; and what all Elfin aficionados will forever highly prize. Compulsive reading. “

Tony Parkinson 


“What a tome! Beautifully done and a superb production. Congratulations….a very worthy history of the marque.” 

Noel Bryen 


“Congratulations to all concerned for an extremely well done book. I wish all the motorsport books of cars and marques were this well researched, written and well made.” 

Lucio Chiodi (Europe)